Manual Physical Therapy


Treatment List

Sessions are split into three categories level 1. relaxation, level 2. remedial and level 3. wholistic 

1. RELAXATION (for stress) 

Massage Therapy (massage balm is applied to the body using holistic therapy techniques from classical western massage, aromatherapy and reflexology). 60min: £35 

2. REMEDIAL (for pain) 

Manual Therapy (a system that evaluates fascia by using osteopathic methods, craniosacral therapy, structural integration and physical therapy). 60min: £35 

3. WHOLISTIC (for body-mind-spirit) 

Yoga Tuition (a science that involves the use of postures, breath-work and meditation to awaken the spine, and cultivate a peaceful mind). 60min: £35 

Thai Massage (an eastern healing art received on a futon working the sip sen [meridians] using acupressure, joint mobilisation and assisted yoga). 60min: £35 

Day Retreat (a tailored bespoke mentorship programme specific to your needs. Immerse yourself in yoga, meditation and bodywork with Colin for an afternoon). 180min: £150

Injury prevention and recovery

Pain free mobility

Confident movement

Movement restored

“I have been having treatments from Colin for about 3 years or more now. I am a surgeon, and its an occupational hazard to have stiff muscles and joints at the end of the week. Colin uses a range of techniques individualised to your needs and I come out from his studio with a sense of being pain-free and am able to move my neck and back as it should be! I would thoroughly recommend Colin to all, everyone who, like me, has visited numerous therapists and never really found what they needed.”



Smruta Shanbhag


Manual Physical Therapy in Ibrox, Glasgow

bodywork sessions

Sessions are split into three categories. The first level is relaxation for those days when you just want to chill. Second is remedial where we treat aches/pain with quick solutions. Third is wholistic which involves working together to improve the quality of your life. Sessions are designed to ease pain and restore joyful movement.   


Colin Shreenan


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