Colin Shreenan

Aches, pain and restricted movement can take the joy out of life.

Whether you’re trying to continue successfully in your favourite activity or just get through life without feeling like the tin man, you’ve come to the right place.

Maybe you…

  • Have never practiced yoga or had massage therapy?
  • Don’t know what what to expect?
  • are feeling stuck and want the easiest solution?
  • Have tried various healing modalities but nothing really worked?

Don’t worry, your frustration is understandable. The thing is… pain free, unrestricted movement is possible for most people regardless of how much they’ve neglected their body.


Treatment will bring ease and joyful movement back to your body. Trust me, it’s possible!

Patiant guidance

“Whenever I visit Glasgow I make sure to book in with Colin to recover from the long haul flight.The individual attention and patient guidance Colin offers in his sessions releases tension and restores balance.”


Marjorie Cohan aged 71

Cyclist, runner, speedskater and energetic grandmother

Over the last 15 years, I’ve trained in a plethora of healing modalities. Here are just a few I’m qualified in:

  • Bodywork (classical western massage)
  • Reflexology
  • Structural/Integrated Anatomy
  • Yoga (inspired by the late Vanda Scaravelli)
  • Myofascial Release (a system that evaluates the fascia by using osteopathic methods, craniosacral therapy, structural integration and physical therapy)
  • Advanced Thai Yoga Massage



Yoga Teacher and Bodyworker


My approach


When considering patients for treatment, everything is taken into account: posture, job, body type and activities participated in. A collaboration of corrective techniques are used that help each patient get the most out of the session.

Wear lose comfortable clothing ~ you may want to bring water.

The Treatment Rooms

Colin Shreenan 

Western Health & Racquets Club,
30 Hyndland Road,
G12 9UP