Frequently Asked Questions

How many treatments will I need?

This depends on your condition, the nature of the injury, how long you have had it and how you respond to treatment. A new injury sustained in the last week will typically need fewer treatments than the same injury which has been left untreated for weeks or months, so seek treatment at your earliest opportunity. We will never prescribe a set amount of treatments but will usually be able to estimate your recovery time within your first few sessions.


Can I pay for a block of treatments?

Ask your therapist.


What can I expect when arriving for a treatment?

The Initial Appointment will have a short consultation; consisting of a brief medical history, postural assessment and an opportunity for you to explain the reason for your visit. Everything in treatment is confidential. Your therapist will identify the best course of action for you, even if it means referring you to another professional.


Do I need a doctor’s referral?

No. If you have any of the flowing conditions we would like you to check in with your GP beforehand.

  • Mental Health Issues


Do you have disabled access?

No, unfortunately not.


Can I pay with credit or debit card?



Is the treatment painful?

Thai Massage may cause a little discomfort, and you may feel a bit stiff and sore after a treatment for a few days, similar to what you would experience after exercise. This is a normal healthy response. We treat everyone individually, if you’re in discomfort please tell your therapist and he will use an alternative technique that may be more suitable for you at this time. He will also give you advice on what you can do at home to help reduce any post-treatment discomfort.


What are the benefits of receiving a treatment?

  • increased range of motion
  • reduction of stress in the body
  • improved alignment
  • increase in energy
  • reduced pain
  • increased feeling of lightness and ‘lift’ in the body
  • freedom to the chest and ribcage
  • more movement available in the hips and spine
  • creating more movement and flexibility through the feet
  • improved balance
  • an enhanced body awareness
  • increased core support from foot to head
  • improved athletic performance
  • increased endurance
  • feeling more adaptable
  • greater ease of movement



How do I make an appointment?

Online. Go to the Book Now page and select an appointment time that’s suitable for you.