Manual Therapy

It’s difficult to find a good Manual Therapist. Someone who’s exceptionally well trained, has years of experience and a natural aptitude for Bodywork. Thankfully Colin’s here to offer his unique take on Manual Therapy ~ completely tailored to your bodies needs!

Is Manual Therapy for me?

Manual therapy is good for anyone who wants to move freely without pain. Most people understand that in order to get the results you want you have to put in some effort. Colin doesn’t promise anyone a miracle cure! However he will work with you to find the tools that will elevate your lifestyle, sports performance and wellbeing.

Manual Therapy

Your Session


Availability: Saturdays from 2pm – 6pm.


When you book for your initial visit we’ll ask you to fill out a consultation form. This form will ask about any current medical conditions you might have alongside more general questions about your wellbeing. Please rest assured that any information you provide us will be stored securely and 100% confidential.


When you arrive at the Western Health & Racquets Club for treatment, come down the stairs, use the lower level entry. The waiting area is outside the treatment room. Colin will call you into the treatment room when he is ready to proceed with your appointment.


*Please note – you may need to undressed down to your underwear.*

During the session


Colin will go over your consultation form to discuss the treatment options available to you. If you do NOT fill-out the consultation form prior to arrival; doing so will consume a substantial amount of time during your session.

Treatment is performed on a hydraulic table. You’re encouraged to communicate preferences freely regarding technique, pressure, music, temperature or any other aspect of the experience. Colin strives to produce the best quality bodywork. Please let him know how he can make that possible for you.


After your session


Everyone reacts differently to treatment. Some report feeling “spaced out”, others say “energised”. About 95% say they are “pain free” after the first session. Others take a ‘follow up’ appointment. Long term patients often have a condition that may need ongoing bodywork to manage. Many enjoy athletic sports/challenging activities that they want to continue doing. Others have a stressful or demanding job.

It’s normal to experience delayed muscle soreness. If you have any pain? It’s an excellent indication that you should book a ‘follow up’ appointment. Bodywork is an ongoing process; there are often no quick fixes. Maintain the results with a regular yoga practice, and make time to receive treatment.


*Colin will personally text you at the start of the week (Monday), to check how you are doing and answer any questions you may have.*



Good posture


Injury Prevention


Improve range of motion


Alleviate chronic conditions, such as depression, pain, anxiety and insomnia.



Western Treatment Room

Western Treatment Room

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