Mobility training is often overlooked until something inevitability go’s wrong, that’s why prevention is better than cure. This method is ideal for those rest days when you want comfort in your body, confidence with posture, and the ability to achieve optimal range of motion.

It’s an intelligent Yoga based mobility training programme.

Is Yoga for me?

Mobility training is great for anyone who wants to move freely without pain. Most people understand that in order to get results you have to put in a little effort. Colin doesn’t promise anyone a miracle cure! However he will work with you to find the tools that will elevate your lifestyle, sports performance and wellbeing.

Small Yoga Classes

Your Session


Classes: Monday to Friday from 5:30pm6:30pm.


Suitable for all levels. Detail orientated focusing on only a few movements which encourage the body to open and move freely. Classes are an opportunity to apply bodywork techniques to yourself. 


If it’s your first class you’ll be expected to fill out a consultation form. This form will ask about any current medical conditions you might have alongside more general questions about your wellbeing. Please rest assured that any information you provide us will be stored securely and 100% confidential.


When you arrive at ’41 St Vincent Pl’, press ‘Buzzer 5’. Take the elevator to the ‘fifth floor’, then ring the ‘doorbell’. The class is taught barefoot, wear lose comfortable clothing and please be punctual!


During the session


If it’s your first class Colin will spend time explaining everything and answering any questions you might have. Classes are kept small to assure quality and attention to detail. Please fill out the online consultation form (in the confirmation email) prior to arriving at your first class.

Colin strives to produce the best quality classes. Please let him know how he can make this possible for you.


After your session


  1. Drink plenty of fluids
  2. Avoid alcohol and caffeine
  3. Eat healthy food
  4. Treat yourself to an early night, rest and relax
  5. Maintain internal lift and awareness of posture
  6. Take care when driving




Good posture


Injury Prevention


Improve range of motion


Alleviate chronic conditions, such as depression, pain, anxiety and insomnia.



Colin Shreenan

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